Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Switching To Adventure Comics

Before an alien ever helped Metropolis, or a bat protected Gotham, there were comics.  But, even the stalwart Adventure Comics was not that to begin with.

Adventure Comics started as New Comics in December, 1935, going under that title until New Comics #14 (March, 1937, though the cover said New Adventure), then being New Adventure Comics from #15 to #31, before settling on Adventure Comics with #32 (November, 1938), going from light comedy to kids adventures to full fledged adventures!

New Comics #1 and #14 (December, 1935 and March, 1937)

Covers by Vincent Sullivan and Whitney Ellsworth

New Adventure Comics #15 and #31 (May, 1937 and October, 1938)

Covers by Craig Fessel

Adventure Comics #32 and #503 (November, 1938 and September, 1983)

Covers by Craig Fessel and Ross Andru/Joe Rubinstein

Along the way, it debuted series like Sandman, Hourman, Starman, the Legion of Super-Heroes, and carried AquamanJohnny Quick, Superboy, BizarroSupergirl, Zatanna, the JSA, Dial H for Hero and more! 

A fine title, loved by fans!  To give you an idea of how long this title was around, when #32 hit the stands, it was there with Action Comics #6 (so Superman and Lois were around, but not Luthor) and Detective Comics #21 (pre-dated Batman!).

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