Friday, June 5, 2020

Wonder Woman At The Movies Almost

Today was suppose to have been the premiere of the second Wonder Woman movie....but, unfortunately, that will have to wait until August.

Back in the day, Wonder Woman went to the movies, and faced a dinosaur that came out of the screen in Wonder Woman #64 (February, 1964) under a cover by Irwin Hasen, and story by Robert Kanigher and Harry Peter.

Talk about the ultimate in 3-D!

Wonder Woman isn't the only hero to have faced dinosaurs.  Batman did....

...even made one of them a trophy in his Batcave!  (and, hey, why not a marathon of the 1966 Batman TV show to keep you busy this weekend?)

If you need some folks who've faced horrible menaces in their movies with friends... about taking a look at these books, where Spider-Man teamed up with some other folks who have had movies, like Dracula and Doc Savage?

Or, just chill out with Superman... he stops Bizarro from harassing an actor playing Frankenstein?

Try these and a few other comics, and August and the Wonder Woman movie will be here in no time! 

We won't keep you hanging on for too long...

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  1. They really should have delayed the Wonder Woman sequel movie until they had a decent script. What plothole-ridden, poorly written crud!