Saturday, February 12, 2022

Shadows Of Adam Strange

Taking a look at one of the great romances of DC's science fiction comics, with two similarly themed issues of Mystery In Space, with Earthman Adam Strange, and the love of his life whom he has to take a Zeta-Beam to see, Alanna of Rann, a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, 25 trillion miles from Earth!

Shadow People Of The Eclipse

Adam Strange returns to the planet Rann in Mystery In Space #78 (September, 1962) by Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson only to find Alanna in a panic, as the planet has been plunged into an unnatural darkness.  The Vantors are threatening Rann again, sending its inhabitants to a distant planet ruled by the Llyrr, who absorbs their experience (draining their minds).  

Adam figures out the Llyrr is feeding off of people's electrical impulses, and defeats it with a thunderstorm, helping everyone return to their homeworlds.  Once back, he and Alanna work together to defeat the Vantors, but doesn't get to enjoy more than a bite of Alanna's Ranagarian Quail before his Zeta-Beam wares off, returning him to Earth.

The Deadly Shadows Of Adam Strange

At least Mystery In Space #80 (December, 1962) by Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson starts happy, as Adam finds a little time with Alanna, as her father, Sardath is kidnapped.  Trying to rescue him, Adam's Zeta-Beam wears off, leaving him on Earth, with time for him to work on his archeology while awaiting another Zeta-Beam back to Rann.  

Once back, Adam finds Alanna, still searching for her father.  While he joins her, he is his own shadow!  The two find the flier that the kidnapper drove in the ruined city of Alkamar, and are again attacked by shadows.  Defeating them, they find Sardath, who was kidnapped by an old foe, Mortan, who found the process to animate shadows with Pi-Radiation in the ruined city, and planned to use them against Adam.  Adam studied this phenomenon, figuring out a way to defeat Mortan's creations by making himself invisible.  Then, with his foe defeated, got to see Alanna again, where the pair renewed their affections.

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