Thursday, December 22, 2016

Justice Society Christmas

Not to outdone by the Justice League, the original super-team, the Justice Society of America celebrated Christmas in JSA #55 (February, 2004) with the story of "Be Good For Goodness Sake" by Geoff Johns, Leonard Kirk, Keith Champagne and Wade von Grawbadger, and cover by Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino.

This tale reunited original JSAers Flash (Jay Garrick), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Hawkman (Carter Hall) and Wildcat (Ted Grant), with the team dealing with a gang of thieves taking out mall Santas, and meeting an old Justice Society member, the original Red Tornado, who helped with the case.

Ma Hunkel (Abigail Mathilda Hunkel), who was the original Red Tornado, had resigned from the costume hero business to keep her kids safe so she could testify against criminals (joining the witness protection program), but had been forgotten in recent years.  The JSAers went to find her, and bring her back to the team, reminding her that the all needed the motherly love she brought to the team...

...and helping the new generation of women on the team like Power Girl and Stargirl as the JSA's museum curator.

Remember to hug your mother for Christmas.

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  1. Really great story. Loved the old Mayer Tornado and Scribbly. Should be seen by more.
    Here's a complete story for you and your readers: