Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Remembering Dick Sprang

Batman artist, Dick Sprang would have been 100 today!

So, today, we remember Dick Sprang!

Dick Sprang was one of many artists who ghosted for Bob Kane, starting with the cover for Batman #18 (August-September, 1943). 

Dick Sprang worked on and off over the years, doing work with Batman on the Batman book and on Detective Comics, as well as some work on Real Fact Comics as well.

Among some of the many things done in his career was drawing the first Riddler story in Detective Comics #140...

...and the second, and its cover, for Detective Comics #142.

Dick Sprang also got to redesign the Batmobile for 1950 (original version on Batman #20, newer from Detective Comics #156!).

Dick Sprang even got to do a few covers and interiors Superman and Batman battles in World's Finest Comics, including interiors for the introduction of the Moon Man in World's Finest Comics #98, the first Luthor/Joker team up in World's Finest Comics #88 and the origin of the Superman/Batman team from World's Finest Comics #94!

Dick Sprang even worked in the 1990s, on Detective Comics #622-624 (with story by John Ostrander, covers colored by Anthony Tolin, and interior art by Flint Henry and Mike McKone, and very stylized versions of Batman, the Joker, Catwoman, the Bathound and Batgirl), and we'll keep his dynamic art legacy alive!

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  1. The "Dick Sprang Remembers" art appeared in Detective Comics #572 (March, 1987), and writer Chuck Dixon reminded me that a lithograph was made of it as well!