Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Strange Adventures In The Snow

Still in the grip of winter, but it could be worse!  

The snowmen could be attacking!

Here's how that happened in Strange Adventures #79 (April, 1957) under a cover by Gil Kane, with story by Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino and Bernard Sachs.

Invaders From The Ice World!

It all started innocent enough, with kids at an Iowa farmhouse making snowmen in a field.  Then, the snowmen came to life...and disappeared!  The snowmen wandered off, with the boys' father calling the Department of Scientific Investigations, who sent scientist Darwin Jones to the scene.  

There, he found out the snowmen were inhabited by energy being from Pluto, who planned to make Earth colder by destroying crops, making Earth uninhabitable for humans.  All the warfare was unable to stop them...until Darwin Jones figures out the best way to stop the snowmen was cold....absolute zero!  This froze their bodies, making them vulnerable, so the energy beings gave up attacking Earth.

This was not the first appearance of Darwin Jones, who was an infrequent star of Strange Adventures (issues #1, #49, #58, #66, #70, #76, #77, #79, #84, #88, #93, #149 and #160, before helping Lois Lane in Daring Adventures Of Supergirl #7, aiding the scientists during Crisis On Infinite Earths, then returning in Power Of The Atom and Action Comics.


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