Friday, January 12, 2024

Celebrating Artist Joe Quesada

Before he went over to Marvel, Joe Quesada worked at DC.  For Joe's birthday (January 12, 1962), time to shed some light on one of his early projects....the Ray.

While he drew the insides of every issue, he only did the later 4 covers (as well as the tradepaperback).  

The series covered the story of Ray Terrill, the son of the original Ray (Happy Terrill).  Ray had been protected from the sun (supposedly because of an allergy), but was really there to prevent his powers from manifesting.  He did see the light, found out of his powers and legacy, then battled Green Lantern villain Dr. Polaris, as well as an alien light entity.

Ray #3 and #4 (April and May, 1992)


Ray #5 and #6 (June and July, 1992)


Ray Tradepaperback

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