Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Tour Superman's Fortress Of Solitude

Back in Superman's Silver Age, his Fortress of Solitude was a big thing....

...so big, it got coverage in the Limited Collectors' Edition #C-48 (October-November, 1976), with this special six page feature, by E. Nelson Bridwell, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano (with the cover of Superman #187 from June, 1966 by Curt Swan and George Klein for perspective).

Basically, a place where Superman kept his stuff, including an interplanetary zoo and the bottle city of Kandor.  Sadly, that 3rd level tour never happened, even though there was a whole treasury dedicated to the Fortress as well in the Summer of 1981.  Here is where to find out more about Superman's races with the Flash (the main feature of the Limited Collectors' Edition). 

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