Thursday, July 2, 2020

Too Hot For Tomahawk

Feeling the heat as July 4th approaches?

Well, it isn't as bad as it was for Tomahawk, hero of the Revolutionary War.

Though times were tough for him as his series was winding down, he did have some incredible covers by Neal Adams (but Neal only did the covers).

Starting with Tomahawk #116 (May-June, 1968) and running to Tomahawk #130 (September-October, 1970), except for #120 and #122), Neal Adams put Tomahawk through many a menace.

Tomahawk #116 and #117


Tomahawk #118 and #121

Tomahawk #123 and #124

Tomahawk #125 and #126

Tomahawk #127 and #128

Tomahawk #129 and #130

Not quite the simple adventures he use to have, or even having Miss Liberty (who has been covered before, with a few other historical characters, once in the JLA/JSA and once with Firebrand) along.

Still, this wasn't quite enough to save the title, and it changed to Hawk, Son of Tomahawk for the last 10 issues of its run (with art by Joe Kubert, so these might get covered as well!).

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