Monday, June 27, 2016

Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 3 3 and 3 Quarters

Technically, it is more Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 2 and a half, as half this group we've seen before!

This wave includes Spider-Man foes of the living vampire, Morbius and water elemental, Hydro-Man, as well as a more modern look for the mutant X-Men, Rogue, as well as a later look of Avenger, Quasar...all in glorious 3 and 3/4 plastic, as only Hasbro and Marvel can do!

The fellows we've seen before include Black Panther, original armor Iron Man (both from Wave 1), and Spider-Man in two different costume variants (one from Wave 1 and one from Wave 2 of 2016).  At least you'll be able to find a Spider-Man and a Black Panther figure in the aisles when the Black Panther and Spider-Man movies come out!

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  1. These marvel heroes are very cool. Thumbs up for guys. Good job!