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Flash Facts More Rogues Plus

Here's a few more fast facts on later members of the Flash Rogue's Gallery (and one who really wasn't!).

Technically, the first appearance of Flash's Rogue's Gallery was in 80 Page Giant #4 (October, 1964), but there were no new stories in that issue...instead, it contained reprints of earlier Flash tales...and a pin-up of all of Flash's foes by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson, and included those who would become the charter Rogue's Gallery (Captain Cold, Mirror Master, the Top, Heat Wave, Captain Boomerang and Pied Piper), as well as a few who were never members of the group, like Mr. Element, Reverse-Flash, Abra Kadabra and future members Weather Wizard and Trickster!

Weather Wizard

Real Name: Mark Mardon

First Appearance: Flash #110 (December-January, 1959/1960)

Created By: John Broome & Carmine Infantino

Origin: Mark Mardon found his Weather Wand in his dead brother Clyde's lab (maybe Mark killed him?), and, after meeting with tailor Paul Gambi, was using the Wand to rain on the Flash's parade for years by making storms, lightning and more!  Weather Wizard also was the first of Flash's foes to branch out, fighting Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman & Plastic Man, Aquaman, Hawkman and more, even updating his costume!

Team Membership: Rogues (started with Flash #231)

Some non-Flash appearances: Justice League of America #41, Detective Comics #353, Action Comics #441, DC Super-Stars #10, Adventure Comics #450, #466, World's Finest Comics #276, Crisis On Infinite Earths #5, 9, Blue Devil #30, Secret Origins #41, Justice League America #43, Underworld Unleashed #1, Rogues (Villains) #1, Adventures of Superman #596, JSA #28, 30, 33, Catwoman #21, Superman/Batman #3, Villains United #3-6, Infinite Crisis #1, Villains United: Infinite Crisis Special #1, 52 #19, All-New Atom #5, Countdown #50, 47, 46, Salvation Run #1-3, 5-7


Real Name: James Jesse

First Appearance: Flash #113 (June-July, 1960)

Created By: John Broome & Carmine Infantino

Origin:James Jesse Jesse was a trapeze artist with a problem...a fear of heights.  Jesse developed a pair of "air walker shoes" and some other practical joker gimmicks, turning to a life of crime (and battles with the Flash, and was the first of Barry's foes to work with another - Captain Cold - to battle Barry and Jay in Flash #129).  Jesse started to go straight, first working with Blue Devil, and then after the other Rogues lost their souls to Neron, never quite stuck.

Team Membership: Rogues (mentioned in Flash #231, started with Flash #242), Secret Society of Super-Villains

Some non-Flash appearances: Secret Society of Super-Villains #8-10, Black Lightning #10, World's Finest Comics #280, Fury of Firestorm #24, Blue Devil #6-9, 14, 19, Crisis On Infinite Earths #9, Blue Devil #21, 30, Secret Origins #24, 41, Outsiders #9, Underworld Unleashed #1-3, Impulse #14, 15,
Rogues (Villains) #1, Impulse #39, Catwoman #69-71, JLA: Foreign Bodies, Justice Leagues: Justice League of Amazons #1, Countdown #51, 50, 49, 47, 46, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40, 39, 38, 37, 36, 34, 33, 32, 30, 29, 28, 27, Blackest Night: The Flash #1-3

Golden Glider

Real Name: Lisa Snart

First Appearance: Flash #250 (June, 1977)

Created By: Cary Bates & Irv Novick

Origin: Lisa Snart was the sister of Captain Cold, and wanted her never to be near the Rogues.  So, what does she do....but date the Top (who teaches her spinning moves she uses as an ice skater).  After the Top died, Lisa became the Golden Glider (getting ice skates that allowed her to fly and other jewelry and cold related weapons to use against the Flash).  She manipulated other men, like the Ringmaster and Chillblaine (providing cold weapons to a multiple of Chillblaines, until the last one killed her).

Team Membership: Rogues (started working with in Blue Devil #30, but not really a team player)

Some non-Flash appearances:
Crisis On Infinite Earths #9, Blue Devil #30, 

Blackest Night: The Flash #1-3

Rainbow Raider

Real Name: Roy G. Bivolo

First Appearance: Flash #286 (June, 1980)

Created By: Cary Bates & Don Heck

Origin: Roy G. Bivolo wanted to be an artist, but...he was color-blind!  That didn't deter him, instead he invented "prisma-goggles" which allowed him to manipulate light to his will, and started to steal art for himself!  Flash stopped him, again again, even when he worked with the Shade and Dr. Double X.  Rainbow Raider then joined the Rogues just as Barry Allen faded away for a time...and then fought Booster Gold, and had this technology given to Captain Atom's foe, Dr. Spectro.  When new Rogues formed, Blacksmith didn't really have a use for Roy... 

Team Membership: Rogues (started with Flash #350)

Some non-Flash appearances: Brave and the Bold #194, Booster Gold #19, 20, Underworld Unleashed #1, JLA #34, JSA #28, Blackest Night #2, 3, Blackest Night: The Flash #2, 3

That sums up the Silver Age Flash's Rogue's Gallery in all it's glory...

...other villains joined, like Blacksmith, Girder, Murmur and more..

...but not until later!

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  1. The correct date for Flash #250 (first appearance of Golden Glider) is June 1977.