Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Surprisingly, Marvel once celebrated Valentine's Day with its characters....back in April, 1997 with the Marvel Valentine Special!

Spidey & Mary Jane worked to help out a student in "My Fair Spidey" by Tom Peyer and Mark Buckingham.

Daredevil and Karen Page were working with a lady being abused by her boyfriend in "Love Hurts" by John Ostrander and Mary Mitchell.

Goddess Venus helped out a pair of aliens in "Atom-Age Amore" by Frank Strom and Dan DeCarlo.

Villain Absorbing Man got a Millie the Model doll for his girlfriend, Titania, in "The Greatest Gift!" by Tom DeFalco and Dan Lawlis.

Jean Grey reflects on her time with Cyclops away from the X-Men in "The Way!" by Tom DeFalco and Kyle Hotz.

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