Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Remembering Artist Mac Raboy

Remembering artist Emmanuel "Mac" Raboy on his birthday (April 9, 1914 - December 12, 1967)...but instead of giving you some of his (many) Captain Marvel Jr. covers, here, instead is his covers for Bulletman, of which he did four...

...with Jim Barr going into adventures with his girlfriend, Susan Kent as Bulletman and Bulletgirl!

Mac also contributed to a few covers for America's Greatest Comics and Master Comics, which allow Captain Marvel Jr. to be snuck in here, along with Fawcett's other great characters: Spy Smasher, Captain Marvel, Minute Man and Mr. Scarlett!

Bulletman #2 and #3 (Fall 1941 and January 14, 1942)


Bulletman #4 and #5 (March 11 and May 13, 1942)


America's Greatest Comics #1 and Master Comics #22 (1941 and January, 1942)


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