Friday, October 27, 2023

Remembering Artist Bernie Wrightson

Remembering artist Bernie Wrightson on his birthday (October 27, 1948 - March 18, 2017), with a spectacular cover he did...for DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #4 (1971).

While the Weird Mystery Tales inside the book didn't have anything to do with Bernie (the original Swamp Thing tale, read about it here, just came out before this), Bernie did provide art for some segues between the stories, as well as a special story (and the back cover was the front, without the trade dress).

Macabre Mystery/Eerie Adventure

Monsters/Science Fiction

Childhood Haunt/Back Cover

In case you need to know, the reprinted stories in this Spectacular are from: 

My Greatest Adventure #8 (March-April, 1956), Sensation Mystery #116 (July-August, 1953), My Greatest Adventure #14 (March-April, 1957), House Of Secrets #2 (January-February, 1957), My Greatest Adventure #12 (November-December, 1956), Sensation Mystery #110 (July-August, 1952) with Johnny Peril, Phantom Stranger #1 (August-September, 1952) with Phantom Stranger, My Greatest Adventure #20 (March-April, 1958), My Greatest Adventure #15 (May-June, 1957), Tales Of The Unexpected #15 (July, 1957), Tales Of The Unexpected #24 (April, 1958) and House Of Mystery #49 (April, 1956).



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