Saturday, June 25, 2022

Remembering Artist Alex Toth With A Question

Remembering artist Alex Toth (June 25, 1928-May 27, 2006) on his birthday, with a quick look at some work he did for a fanzine, in the Charlton Bullseye #5 (July-September, 1976), in a story plotted by Roger Stern and scripted by Michael Uslan featuring Steve Ditko's Question.

Here, intrepid reporter Vic Sage (secretly the faceless hero, the Question) battles with his foe, the Banshee (all in a glorious black and white adventure, the much better to appreciate the subtle stylings of the masterful artwork of Alex Toth!).

4 of the 8 pages of the story, and what a story it was with all the hard hitting crime action you could ask for!



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