Saturday, December 25, 2021

Sgt. Rock Christmas

Nothing's Easy in Easy Company, not even Christmas, just ask Sgt. Rock.

But, though war is hell, every once in a while there is a break in the hell that is war, shown in this issue of Sgt. Rock, with a cover by Joe Kubert.

The Shining Star

In this issue, Sgt. Rock #414 (February, 1987) by Robert Kanigher and Andy Kubert, Sgt. Rock shares a little of his youth, when he was just young Frank, with his mother sharing a letter from Frank's father, who was fighting World War I.  But, even in No Man's Land, the Germans and Americans stopped fighting for one magical day called Christmas.

Back to the present, where Rock and Easy Company were still hunting Nazis in a snowy Europe, where Sgt. Rock found a young couple, Guiseppe and Maria, fleeing the fighting so Maria could have her baby.  

Sgt. Rock led the Nazis away, and was taking them towards a village, but soon the poor weather was taking its toll, and Rock and the couple had to seek shelter in a cave as soon the baby would be here.  Little Sure Shot showed up, looking for Rock, and was put in charge of delivering the baby.  The Nazis approached the cave, with Rock on guard, who, instead of fighting, told them of the miracle to happen.  They stopped, and instead of fighting, gave the Americans, and the new family a moment of peace for Christmas.  As the Nazis went off, Rock saw a star, shining bright in the north....

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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