Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Happy Birthday Pat Boone

Hoping singer, actor, songwriter and author Pat Boone has himself a super birthday today....and, back in the day he was being vexed by Superman, in Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane #9 (May, 1959), under this cover by Curt Swan.

In "Superman's Mystery Song" by Robert Bernstein, Dick Sprang and John Forte, Superman had to prevent Pat and Lois from singing a song about Superman that Clark had co-wrote!  

Clark had accidentally put a little too much information into the song....and, if heard by the public, his identity could be deduced. 

This issue also was to get the comic reading audience ready for Pat Boone's own comic book title, which had photo covers, and lasted for five issues, from September-October, 1959 to May-June, 1960.


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  1. Let me know as much as possible. Have you ever heard of the red mask theory? A killer used the comic to give hints. This issue may be one he used. Google Zodiac killer red mask. The zodiac mentions pat Boone.