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Batman Meets Aquaman

Sure, Batman might be secure prowling the streets of Gotham, but put him on the high seas and he's a fish out of it is a good thing he can call on his friend, Aquaman, for help.

After Batman took over the lead spot of team-ups on Brave and the Bold, Batman and Aquaman worked together in that title four times...., let's take a look at those tales!

Brave and the Bold #82

Batman starts off with a case in Brave and the Bold #82 (February-March, 1969) by Bob Haney, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano, where he witnesses the murder of investor Otto Chernak, but is unable to catch his killer due to a man who looks like Aquaman.  Following up on his leads, Batman switches to being Bruce Wayne, so he can pursue Orm Marius (secretly the Ocean Master, Aquaman's half-brother), into a penthouse, where Aquaman tries to kill him.  Batman takes Aquaman to Gotham City Police Department, where he finds out Ocean Master hypnotized Aquaman into doing his bidding (taking advantage of his confused mind as he searches for his missing wife, Mera, and the guilt Aquaman feels for the death of marine biologist, Dr. Simon Link). 

The two heroes stop the Ocean Master, but Aquaman lets him escape, not wanting to kill his half-brother, then continues on his quest to find his missing wife, Mera...

This story is reprinted in Best of the Brave and the Bold #3 (December, 1988), Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams Volume 1  hardcover of 2003 and softcover of 2012.

Brave and the Bold #114

Batman plans to catch  the "Last Jet To Gotham" in Brave and the Bold #114 (August-September, 1974) by Bob Haney and Jim Aparo, as the plane has noted mobster, Joe Angel aboard.  A water spout stops the plane from landing at Gotham Airport, so Batman calls in Aquaman for help.  Problem is, Aquaman caused the plane to land in the ocean.  Batman dives into the water to find the plane still intact, but Aquaman takes his scuba gear, and explains to the detective (aboard his Golden Dolphin submarine) that drug dealers had placed a nuclear bomb aboard the jet, set to explode when it got to Gotham Airport, starting a nuclear war that would end all life on Earth (including that in the ocean, with Aquaman's Atlantis).  Working together, they managed to get to the plane before it can be returned to Gotham Airport, and stop the bomb.

This tale is reprinted in Legends Of The Dark Knight: Jim Aparo Volume 1 of 2012.

Brave and the Bold #126

Batman needs to know "What Lurks Below Bouy 13" in Brave and the Bold #126 (April, 1976) by Bob Haney, Jim Aparo and John Calnan.  It is an Atlantean satellite that can detect all water vehicles and both the United States and Russia want it for their own.  Batman goes to Aquaman for help, but he couldn't be less interested in these countries' Cold War (an odd change from last time), but Batman reminds Aquaman that Atlantis could be targeted as well.  The two work together to retrieve the satellite, then turn it over to Baron Mannheim, who they think works for the United Nations, but is really a Nazi war criminal, looking for a device to revive the Reich.  Batman and Aquaman then pursue Mannheim, getting the satellite back, which Aquaman will then keep safe in his Aquacave, as the heroes feel it is too powerful for any government to have.

This tale is reprinted in Legends Of The Dark Knight: Jim Aparo Volume 2 of 2013.  

Brave and the Bold #142

It's an "Enigma Of The Death Ship" in Brave and the Bold #142 (July-August, 1978) by Bob Haney and Jim Aparo, but Batman and Aquaman are battling again.  This time, Batman wants to retrieve a diary off a sunken ship to get a crimelord's identity, but the criminals work to stop him, then Aquaman and his recently reconciled wife, Mera, work together to stop the detective as well (though she proves enough of a distraction to allow Batman to escape with the book as Aquaman and Mera deal with the criminals).  Batman opens the log to find that Aquaman's father is named in the book, and Aquaman catches up with Batman to explain that is why he tried to stop him from getting the book, fearing that this would tarnish his dad's reputation.  Batman explains that the book instead clears Aquaman's father, so Aquaman apologizes for his harsh actions, and Batman returns to Gotham to seek out the real crimelord (with help from the Creeper, in the next issue), and Aquaman doesn't return to the original run of Brave and the Bold again.

This tale is reprinted in Legends Of The Dark Knight: Jim Aparo Volume 2 of 2013.

Aquaman had actually beat Batman into Brave and the Bold team-ups, working with Hawkman in Brave and the Bold #51 (December-January, 1963/1964) and Atom in Brave and the Bold #73 (August-September, 1967), while Batman had later then worked with both Hawkman and the Atom many times as well.  

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